Stay Safe on London's Road
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Stay Safe on London's Road

posted in London by Frederic de Ryckman de Betz on 13:37 Nov 15th, 2013

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Stay Safe on London's Road
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We were very sorry to hear of the latest fatality in London.  24 year old Venera Minakhmetova, a tech entrepreneur working in Londond's tech city around Aldgate East, became the fifth and latest cycling fatality in our capital.  

Venera was cycling to work at around a quarter to nine on Wednesday morning, when she was involved in an accident with a lorry.  Police are appealing for witnesses. Sadly, the accident happened very close to our store at the Bow flyover roundabout.  Traffic tailbacks were soon explained when the news came through on the radio, which put all the angry, road-rage fuelled shouts outside in to perspective. 

Sadly, this is the fifth such incident in London this year, and probably won't be the last.  London's roads can be dangerous.  In particular, Wick Lane has had the pedestrian crossing removed for the Olympics.  While we have repeatedly enquired about its reinstatement (and continue to do so), thus far Transport for London chooses to do nothing and to allow this dangerous situation to persist.

So please be careful.  Observe the highway code as much as you can and wherever possible, and take particular care when crossing Wick Lane at any point.

For more about Wednesday's tragic accident, follow this link to the London Evening Standard.



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